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"Since investing with Abby global ventures our revenues have increased tremendously, our marketing is now more systematized, our team has gone through major overhaul , and we've invested in a new leap of technology called coactivesoft, which tracks our hours worked, create invoices that sync with QuickBooks, our documentation management has been super safe on cloud, so we don't have to have papers all over the place. Its amazing to be paid online, and on time. Abby helped me with my systems and organization, my client management, and opened new doors of opportunities that were in my alley and I was not able to see them. Her consulting is about clarity, revenue goals and lifestyle that is healthy for your brand, and your family.
I highly recommend her for your business growth consulting and lifestyle branding."
Susan W
“Working and investing with Abby has resulted in a level of confidence and clarity, Our revenue has increased 40% within months. The next endeavour that I have opened in this chapter of my life has included Freedom, revenue goals and more time with my Kids that really need me while they are young.
It has been 4 months since our one on one implementation day, and it is safe to say that I have accomplished more in these 4 months than otherwise I would have taken 2 years to do.
I have become clear about: my message, my revenue goals, my Tribe. Thank you Abby and your Abby Global Venture Team."
Ann W
Wagzee cosmetics 
Nairobi Kenya
About Abigael Wangombe
I come from humble beginnings — I was the middle child in a family with seven children in the Nakuru district of Kenya. While I knew I was destined for greater things, I also knew that I couldn’t merely sit back and wait for those things to come.
I worked my way through college, because my family couldn’t afford to pay my way. To get to my classes, I walked 20 miles round trip, five days a week. And although I didn’t know it then, those miles were just the beginning of my journey.
Ever since I was young, I have felt a deep calling for the care and support of others, so continuing my education with nursing school was a logical choice. And though moving all the way to Seattle wasn’t quite as logical, the training I received gave me the knowledge I needed to start and manage the home-care business I own in the area today, Family Best Care.
Creating that company didn’t just scratch my entrepreneurial “itch,” however. It fueled my desire to do more — increasing business development, expanding my educational work and seeking out additional opportunities to speak and inspire.
Whether you’re facing challenges similar to mine, or you just don’t know where to start, you’ve come to the right place. I can’t wait to see you bring your business to life and thrive both personally and professionally!
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